by Non Neutral

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You shocked me when I got word of the decision you made
Bow down to the silence, broke down to the madness
Cope with the pain left behind the darkness and torments return
Cant understand the reasons why you're gone
Such little time, so much left to say
Through the endlessness of eternity, through the end of the times
I should've been there, I should have seen the darkness arise
your absence leaves me adrift, insanity

I'm staring at the skies at above, you're everything
You're greater that the stars at night, you're everything

Now that time pays its tolls, northern winds, winter cold
Like a myth in a story far from real, dreamy at times
Mystery surrounds my thoughts
Incapable of feeling love and lust, that path that leads to peace

Lessons taught and lessons learned
Live life and embrace the hidden beauties
Just open your heart, uncover your eyes
Memories, forever engraved, tattooed in my soul
Free from all, don't be afraid make the call just live


released August 11, 2015
Written and produced by Non Neutral
Recorded and mixed by Marcos Monnerat
Mastering by Giancarlo Tassara




Non Neutral San José, Costa Rica

Rockin' like it's 2003.

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